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thai hieronta vantaa live chat

this being said, this page is a place to list foreign language articles on the English. Wikipedia, to see if they can be translated before they are listed. Wikipedia :Articles for deletion. The term Polonia is usually used in Poland to refer to people of Polish origin who live outside Polish borders, officially estimated at around 10 to 20 ere is a notable Polish diaspora in the United States, Brazil, and Canada. Hallitseva rento valtavat tissit - Puhelinseksia Asian milf Using Hot Oils to Relax Him Massage: HD Porn Seksitreffit Seksiseuran haku pk-seuraa tarjoavat kielletty Treffit, treffit on suosittu, uusi suomalainen treffi ja deitti palsta. Erityisesti senioreille suunnattu elokuvailtapäivä kerran kuukaudessa. Seuraava elokuva ikitie.10. In the United States, a significant number of Polish immigrants settled in Chicago, Ohio, Detroit, New Jersey, New York City, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and New England. But Upper Silesia remained majority Polish-speaking. But perhaps I missed something. Iömainen porno suomalainen homo teiniseksi elokuvat. Julkkis pohjanmaa riitan tissit. The translated version in question is rev. "On the Prague Document In Nomine Jassa". Also you can judge if the "Co-operations" section is important. Culture Main article: Culture of Poland The culture of Poland has a history of 1000 years. Elsewhere, ethnic Poles constitute large minorities in (Germany northern Slovakia and the Czech Republic, Hungary, northeast Lithuania and western Belarus and Ukraine. Music Main article: Music of Poland The origin of Polish music can be traced as far back as the 13th century, from which manuscripts have been found in Stary Sącz, containing polyphonic compositions related to the Parisian Notre Dame School. DGG ( talk ) 09:09, 19 February 2019 (UTC) @ DGG : Hi, Thank you for your kind attention, I have tried to improve the translation of José Aldunate article.

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Strikes me as a bit boring and formal in its english, but not our worst problem. A b c d e Czesław Miłosz, The History of Polish Literature. This longish article seems to have been machine translated, so that it is quite difficult to understand beyond the first sentences. Die Verbreitung und die Herkunft der Deutschen in Schlesien The Spread and the Origin of Germans in Silesia (in German). During the second half of the nineties, there appeared in Polish dramatic theatre a new generation of young directors, who have attempted to create productions relevant to the experience and problems of a thirty-something generation brought up surrounded by mass culture. Retrieved "- 120.000 polakker i Norge". I re-did the lead but I'm blanking on the 2nd one Jennica / talk 05:06, (UTC) It's been translated from the Spanish page. Hack ( talk ) 05:28, 2 February 2017 (UTC) Yes, it was Portuguese. Largoplazo ( talk ) 18:48, 20 November 2018 (UTC) I flagged a mention of knickerhose in the 12th century. They lost much of their original distinctness. Frédéric Chopin, whose innovations in style, musical form and harmony, and his association of music with nationalism, were influential throughout the Romantic period. WP:PNT/Templates for user talk pages or using,. While in the United States, he authored or co-authored over 875 scientific omena kuopio ottaako huora puuroa papers and co-edited several scientific journals. 83 The Golensizi (Golensizians; Golęszyce) dwelled near modern Racibórz, Cieszyn and Opawa. Primefac ( talk ) 16:06, (UTC) The layout matches the Turkish article more closely. Uhanu ( talk ) 00:59, (UTC) Not sure this belongs here as there is no equivalent article on Spanish wikipedia. Polish composers from this period focused on baroque religious music, concertos for voices, instruments, and basso continuo, a tradition that continued into the 18th century. The Trebouane (Tryebovians; Trzebowianie mentioned by the Prague Document (which describes the situation as of year 973 or earlier 85 occupied areas near modern Legnica. Outside Poland he is known chiefly for his novel, The Manuscript Found in Saragossa, which has drawn comparisons to such celebrated works as the Decameron and the Arabian Nights. thai hieronta vantaa live chat

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